Trolls, Trophies, and Piles of Crap


It’s done. I have just (like 5 minutes ago) left the floors in our unit downstairs to dry before our new tenants, and good friends, move in today. Even though we haven’t moved very far – just upstairs to our second & third floor apartment, it’s been a slog. Here are some thoughts on moving, from a preggo freshly settled…   …read the rest.

Photo Credit: Sara Moody Veldhuis Simcoe Ontario Rotary Fest, August 2012

Waddling into the last month


I am sitting in my kitchen, performing my morning rituals. A prenatal vitamin, some oatmeal, checking email and half-listening to CBC radio one’s The Current. It’s a perfect late summer┬áToronto┬áday, the sun warming up the house after a fresh cool night. The cicadas are singing, and the construction trucks are beeping in the alley. It’s – dare I say it…   …read the rest.

Travel Insurance Odyssey


In deference to my hubby and unborn baby, I did not post this last week, as I headed into OHIO for my last shows pre-baby. Read on, and you’ll see why we were feeling “superstitious” about this particular blog. I on home soil now, so it feels safer to post. I travel for a living and there is nothing like…   …read the rest.

My pants don’t fit.


One of the great challenges of being on the road is nutrition; pregnant or not, touring musicians have control issues when it comes to food. For those of us who are control freaks (me? Ha!), it is hard to give into the road “diet”. At first, it’s all fun: road trips for shows in Ottawa = dish rag sandwiches at…   …read the rest.

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