Annie-B: “What the hell are you doing to me now!?”

Band-aid in Training!


In an effort to broaden Annabelle’s aural palette (and quite frankly for me to enjoy some live music), I brought her to see my lovely friend Jenn Grant play at Toronto’s Winter Garden theatre on Saturday night. My friend Yvonne joined us, and we decided to avoid downtown traffic by taking transit. By ditching the car, we’d be able to get…   …read the rest.

Proof is in the pumping. Cheers!

Pump it Up!


Last week marked a new stage in my very new motherhood: I successfully pumped my first ounces of breastmilk! I DID IT! I put that machine to my boob and it sucked out the milk and then I fed it to my baby. It was AWESOME. And then I texted my husband, sister and mom the picture of the expressed…   …read the rest.

The Teenage Years


In the last couple weeks, I’ve been delving into some reading and television that’s got me thinking about my teenage years. Those days of junior high and high school; days of dodgeball and sloppy kissing, unwanted hair and the want of breasts, social politics, cliques, gangly knees and self-consciousness, self-discovery, dread and anticipation, and the odd pop quiz. Thinking about…   …read the rest.

Baby doesn't like stout!

Whose baby is screaming at the back of the bar?


Um, it was mine. I played a rare solo set at the Cameron House in Toronto last night, opening for the sweet-voiced Bryden Smith. It was a last minute affair – I had expected to sing back up for a friend, but ended up taking over his set as he couldn’t make the show. So, my husband Colin and I bundled…   …read the rest.

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