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Along for the ride


8 hour drives are not uncommon in our line of work. In fact, when touring in Canada (and North America in general) the 8 hour drive becomes a bit of a regular commute; Halifax to Montreal, Thunder Bay to Winnipeg, Moose Jaw to Calgary, Golden to Vancouver…we have clocked many kilometres in our 6 years as a band. I knew…   …read the rest.

Wise beyond her years, Annie's attitude toward being on the road.

Bon Voyage, Baby.


The first leg of the Good Lovelies Christmas tour is complete. Three flights in three days, four hours of driving, two shows and LOTS of waiting around. Before getting into the details of how things went, I must say that I gave birth to the Angel Baby herself. This cherub is so peaceful and well-behaved it disgusts me. The worse…   …read the rest.

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