Hollywood, baby.

A Break from Winter


Let’s just say I’m not my best on 3 hours of sleep. Standing at the gate for our American flight from Phoenix to Toronto (via Dallas), I was loosing my shit. Our flight had just loaded up the First Class people to board and were proceeding to welcome on the Executive Platinums, the Platinums, the Golds, Elites, Mastercard carriers, then…   …read the rest.

Out for a walk in Central Park.

NYC for Babies


It all started Saturday morning, when we headed out for our first tour of 2013, starting with a weekend in NYC. In total that day, we took 7 forms of transit to get to the Hilton where we were showcasing at the APAP* conference. Early Saturday, Annie’s Uncle Gage drove us down Bathurst St. to the ferry for our Porter…   …read the rest.

All strapped in, ready to go. NYC, Arizona & California here we come!

Cabin Fever


I have cabin fever. It’s not a serious case, but I’ve got the itch; I am longing for the road, for a solid tour of shows each night in new places, to be in the van with the band and play new songs for one another, and to tumble into hotel beds (or onto a friend’s floor) each night. Add…   …read the rest.


Recap over a Nightcap


In the spirit of end of year lists, top tens, countdowns, and best of’s,  I am going to share a recap of my 2012. I write it from the vantage of a new year; 3 days underway and looking pretty good. You see, these things are usually done at the end of year, posted before the big NYE countdown, but…   …read the rest.

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