At a rest stop in middle America.



Annabelle’s first year on the road just took a new turn. This week, my dear husband Colin started a new job with the TRCA. It’s an exciting time for our family. New beginnings, that’s for darn sure. Regular readers will know that Colin has been on the road with us since we started touring with Annie in December. With his…   …read the rest.

On the road with my Love (literally), Colin. Photo Credit: Kerri Ough

Alaska Part III – Staying Warm and Staying Calm


It’s not like Toronto is a warm place; we are used to a good dose of cold. But when I think of Alaska, I conjure cold mountain ranges, sled dogs and ice fishing, and serious Alone in the Wilderness business (a great documentary about solitary life in the wilds of Alaska) . I wanted to prepare all of us for that…   …read the rest.

Sue, Kerri, Annabelle and I on one of our many boat trips on tour. Boots, Parkas, and Carrier: check!

Alaska Part II – Recapping the Pack


Alaska was a conundrum for packing. Add a baby and it was downright confusing… The most significant challenge is that Alaska can be very cold and dry, but also temperate and rainy in some places. This was my first time packing for the baby for a two-week tour, and I learned some big lessons. I find it easier to pack…   …read the rest.

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