Atop Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. I hiked this while 6 months pregnant last year. If I’d only known how easy it was compared to now…

UK – Part I


Here we are in the UK, one week in. We’ve played a string of very nice, very fruitful gigs filled with ale-drinking, wellie-wearing audiences singing along like trained choirs. It’s wonderful here, from a show standpoint. And the scenery doesn’t leave much to be desired either. We arrived at Heathrow on Monday the 17th of June. While in the past…   …read the rest.

Arctic sightseeing.

Farewell, Midnight Sun!


So long, beautiful Arctic. We have just spent the better part of a week in Inuvik. This is the furthest North we’d ever been, even with previous trips to Alaska, Iqualuit, and Dawson City under our Good Lovely belts. We went up to the Arctic Circle to play a show for folks at the Inuvik Petroleum show (former Environmental Studies…   …read the rest.

By the time we're home, we'll be moving the crib mattress a little lower for this monkey...

The Rounds


In the lead-up to a significant amount of time on the road, there’s added pressure to see friends and have quality time with Annie’s two families. The word “pressure” isn’t quite right; it’s wonderful to see everyone, and now that I have Annie, I want her to be familiar with our people. The last few weeks have been filled with…   …read the rest.

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