Hanging sidestage at Maverick Festival with our Canadian friend Old Man Luedecke and Jamie & Stevie Freeman from Union Music Store in Lewes, UK

UK Part III, the Wrap-Up


There are tours that pass slowly, dragging on until you’ve lived a week of days unrecognizable one from the other. Tours that are beige food and highways marked by Walmarts and Burger Kings. The shows themselves are always a joy, but sometimes the days and weeks are long. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because I know my career is…   …read the rest.

Caroline and Annie

UK Week II


We’re heavy into week two of our UK tour, with shows in Leith, Cottingham, Cockermouth (not kidding), Bury and Kirton-in-Lindsay. We’ve also become regulars in BBC studios across the country. They are so much like CBC studios that I feel completely at home. Canada borrowed the format, and it works. It astounds me how quickly a tour can pass. Hard…   …read the rest.

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