No Betty Crocker here...from scratch!

Happy Birthday Annie-B!


This is the most important birthday I’ve ever experienced. And having travelled once around the sun with Annabelle, from her birth to 365 days later, I have a better understanding of what it means. Colin and I were trying to remember, at various moments today, what we would have been doing exactly 1 year ago. Were we learning to bathe…   …read the rest.

My little taste-tester.

Goals for home time!


We are one week into a month and a half at home, and I’m digging it. This is stating the obvious, maybe, but it’s wonderful to nest, especially when it’s the most gorgeous time of year in this often-smelly city. We’ve had a beautiful string of weather (how Canadian of me to be writing about the weather!), and it’s now…   …read the rest.

Rest-stopping somewhere in the Midwest. Photo by: Sue Passmore

A Mid-Western Swing


We’ve just wrapped a lovely 10 day our of the American Midwest with shows in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Fall tours of the US feel very comfortable – for several years we’ve found ourselves in the North East or Midwest at this time of year. In packing for the trip, I summoned memories of those previous tours, picturing myself…   …read the rest.

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