Swim times

Tour Diary: A Week in One Place


We spent the better part of last week in Gillette, Wyoming. It is very rare for us to spend so much time in one place on tour, but it sure had its advantages, especially in terms of travelling with baby. Not that being in the middle of nowhere (no offence, Gillette) is easy, but not having to pack and unpack…   …read the rest.

Beautiful skies in NYC

A Day in the Life: Sea Legs Collective


This is a cross-posting from the FABULOUS music blog Sea Legs Collective. My friend and blogger Jen Ochej asked me to do a write up of a day in my life on the road. I decided to write about a (VERY) short trip to NYC last weekend. This entry is edited from the version I sent to Jen, to not…   …read the rest.

Happy 2014!

2013 in Review


This year, I played lots of shows in interesting places, and I travelled with my best friends and my beautiful family. All these things made it 2013 exceptional. But mostly it was an important year because I proved to myself that I could accomplish what sometimes (okay, often) felt impossible: 118 shows with a baby in arms. Honestly, it was…   …read the rest.

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