Uh oh.

The Worst 20 Seconds of my Life


It happened. That fabled moment in every parent’s life when your baby walks away, and you can’t find them, and your stomach falls out of your body and you scream at strangers to help you as you lose all sense of self and time. It was awful. Actually, it was the worst 20 seconds of my life. We were in…   …read the rest.

Annie & I backstage at Port Fairy Folk Festival

The Child-Friendly Folk Fest: Port Fairy


That familiar old friend, the folk festival. We said hello to our first of 2014 at Port Fairy Folk Festival in VIC this past weekend. It was surprisingly similar to the ones we have at home, aside from the massive indoor tent-shows and the uber-tanned attendees (sorry Canada, we are pasty.) It was also nice to get festival season started…   …read the rest.

Yummy Mummy Club Interview


My new friend Kat Armstrong from the wonderful Yummy Mummy Club has just started a series of interviews with touring musician parents. I was lucky enough to be the first one in the series! Check it out that interview right HERE. The series will continue with interviews from Jill Barber, Damian Abraham (Fucked Up), and Chris Murphy (Sloan), among others….   …read the rest.

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