Hodag and his Lovelies

Mad & Crazy, Baby


  I’m on the road. By myself. Well, not truly by myself. I’m with my band mates/best friends, but Annie’s not here, so I feel alone in a different way. This will be my longest time away from her as of yet. Six big, lonely nights of heavenly sleep and restfulness. Six days of heartache and freedom. As always, I’ve…   …read the rest.

She's got an Aeroplan

Go East, young Annabelle!


  We had a beautiful swing across Eastern Canada last month. It’s been many years since we’ve done a proper tour of the East Coast, despite several visits for summer festivals in the Maritimes. It was high time we went back. And while in theory it’s nice to bring music to the people on the East coast in February, it’s…   …read the rest.

Writing at the Cafe

TFO French for Kids


  Apologies for the silence. It’s been a whirlwind these last few months, with so much excitement, brouhaha, things to do, big life changes (oh the changes). I’m not sure how early 2015 turned into such a defining time of life, but it has. More on that in the days to come, I swear. I’m brimming over with blog entries,…   …read the rest.

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