Baby and Me, Backstage in Vernon BC

Baby Two, Coming Soon!


  Cat’s out of the bag: Baby Brooks-Love #2 is coming mid-March 2016. Let’s just say I’m excited, and apprehensive, and eager and not eager at all. Here’s a little photo of where I am at currently: There’s a lot to say about all this and how it will change my touring life, well, everything about my life for that…   …read the rest.

Getting a sunburn in Carlsbad, CA

Living in the Moment; Benefits of Flying Solo


  We’re on tour this month in California, British Columbia and Washington State. After some hemming and hawing, Colin and I decided it would be best for Annie to stay at home. There were many factors that contributed to that decision, but basically it came down to finances. With all the flights on these tours, I’d be in the red…   …read the rest.

Terror and Hope


  Attacks on Paris, Beirut and Baghdad took place over the weekend – horrors I cannot understand or imagine. What I feel is a mixture of empathy and helplessness. These are the same feelings I have been having watching Syrian refugees try to reach safer shores, fleeing violence and longing for a better life for the little babies in their…   …read the rest.

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