Ladies on the Lake

Weekend Warriors


  The last two months have been fairly light for the Good Lovelies, so I thought I’d write about a different kind of travel this Momma has been experiencing: the weekly haul to the family cottage. We really are weekend warriors; on Friday afternoons in the summer Annabelle and I pick Colin up after work and hit the hot hell…   …read the rest.

My little Munchkin

Five Minutes was not Enough


  I’m in the midst of a weekend on the road and I just made the gravest of parenting errors: after a day and a half away, I saw Annie for five minutes this afternoon before hopping on a plane to Calgary. The visit was long enough for us to have a good squeeze and smooch, but my heart wanted…   …read the rest.

My current kicks

Running on the Road


  About a month ago, I realized that marathon season in Toronto was about to begin. I took stock and realized it was April (what!?), and not only that – I had completely fallen off the running bandwagon. Usually, this wouldn’t have meant anything to me. However, running a half-marathon is on my list of goals for my 34th year…   …read the rest.

Hodag and his Lovelies

Mad & Crazy, Baby


  I’m on the road. By myself. Well, not truly by myself. I’m with my band mates/best friends, but Annie’s not here, so I feel alone in a different way. This will be my longest time away from her as of yet. Six big, lonely nights of heavenly sleep and restfulness. Six days of heartache and freedom. As always, I’ve…   …read the rest.

She's got an Aeroplan

Go East, young Annabelle!


  We had a beautiful swing across Eastern Canada last month. It’s been many years since we’ve done a proper tour of the East Coast, despite several visits for summer festivals in the Maritimes. It was high time we went back. And while in theory it’s nice to bring music to the people on the East coast in February, it’s…   …read the rest.

Writing at the Cafe

TFO French for Kids


  Apologies for the silence. It’s been a whirlwind these last few months, with so much excitement, brouhaha, things to do, big life changes (oh the changes). I’m not sure how early 2015 turned into such a defining time of life, but it has. More on that in the days to come, I swear. I’m brimming over with blog entries,…   …read the rest.

Annie Sandwich!

End of an Era


  Colin and I bought our home 8 years ago, in mid-town Toronto. We loved the neighbourhood and could see ourselves staying there a very long time. It was a balls-out move for us, but really paid off financially; we lived in an open concept one bedroom on the main floor, and had tenants in our two-bedroom upstairs. Space was…   …read the rest.

Broken Rose-Coloured Glasses


  Last week we headed out for one night in Detroit to play a city-wide event to celebrate the season. We had played the same show two years ago in the same venue. I sort of knew what to expect. Getting to the event would be a nightmare as streets surrounding the venue would be blocked off to crowds; the…   …read the rest.

Shenanigans in FL

Centre of the Universe


We just came home from 4 nights away, and I had so much fun. We played a few shows in Gainesville, FL, had a bonafide American Thanksgiving experience, and then flew directly to Ottawa to play at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. It was a whirlwind, and I was freakin’ tired when I got home, but honestly it was freeing….   …read the rest.

Back to the Park!

Kink in the Plans


I’m just emerging from a fog that descended on October 15th. I had been on a roll early that month practicing, singing, writing, administrating, long distance running and active mothering. I was being very productive, and it felt good. However, I had been ignoring stiffness in my neck, not stretching it out as I should have been, and in the…   …read the rest.

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